Learn How to Finance Unbankable Deals and Buy Commercial Real Estate even when the Banks say "No"

Financing unbankable deals is the key to growing your CRE portfolio and is attainable through the Bridge Loan Investor Success Strategy or BLISS for short.

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  • Learn to close fast
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  • Grow your CRE portfolio 4X-5X

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Top 4 Deal Killers

Learn what they are and how to

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6 C's of Underwriting that bankers use to reject your loan

Understand this methodology and never be a victim to it again

9 Sources of High Profit Deals

Discover these rivers of riches where you can fish for deals with little competition

#1 Secret Weapon to getting your loan approved

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Real Life Case Studies

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6 Gold Mines of Profit

Learn new high-profit opportunities that you can take advantage of once you master BLISS


Our CRE Clients and Colleagues Love Us

Devon Jackson

PA Commercial

"Right off the bat, this book is an easy read. It’s relevant and relatable, The content is comprehensible, correct, and complete. BLISS makes the solution to the “Unbankable Deal” accessible and achievable. While it’s obvious that this book was written to help Commercial Real Estate Investors get financing for noncore, i.e. value-add or opportunistic, deals, it appears, at least to me, that your knowledge provides the opportunity to get the best loan for any circumstances not just unbankable deals."

George Roberts

CRE Investor and Principal of Horizon Multifamily

"Let's face it, there are more unbankable deals out there than bankable deals and this book shows you how to navigate these waters so that you don't miss out on great deals. If you could make a killing on a deal that required you to pay a bit more upfront in terms of interest rate until you stabilize the property, why wouldn't you go ahead and "pull the trigger"? Bridge lending is nothing to be intimidated by and this book, chock-full of real-world experience from one of the best, direct lenders in the business is the best way to learn more. Several fascinating sidebars illuminate investors who have used the Bridge Loan Success Strategy (BLISS) to create monster profits.."

Brock Freeman

Kirkland Capital Group

"As one of these alternative bridge lenders, I see many real estate investors struggle to understand the process and leverage the power of bridge loans. This book provides useful case studies and strategies for obtaining funding for non-cash flowing properties, value-add deals, and discounted deals. Very importantly, Malcolm shows you how to prepare for working with your commercial loan broker and a bridge lender to get your loan approved and funded. If building your real estate portfolio is important to you, I highly recommend reading "Financing the Unbankable Deal"."

Anthony Tate

CRE Professional

"Malcolm and his team are everything you want out of a lender. Transparent, fair and will go to bat to get your loan closed. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable capital source."


We have the answers!

What can I expect to learn from this book?

The tools, tactics, and strategies presented in this book can enable you to identify and successfully finance high-profit real estate deals. As a result, you are not restricted only to deals approved by your bank.

Who is this book for?

This book was written for commercial real estate(CRE) investors, whether seasoned or new, who want to expand their finance options beyond the basic bank offering. If you are a single-family residential investor who wants to bridge into CRE then this book is essential reading.

Why should I buy and read this book NOW?

The Demographic Waterfall: Baby boomers, the largest and most successful generation of CRE investors the world has ever seen, are retiring. They own billions of dollars of unbankable but profitable real estate. They want to exit. Investors who know how to finance these deals will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. These sellers need you to know how to take these properties off their hands. Buy this book, learn the strategies, and free them to live their best life while you are living yours.

What property types will this strategy work with?
  • Multifamily
  • Retail - shopping centers and stand-alone single tenant
  • Industrial and Warehouse
  • Office including medical office
  • Owner-occupied businesses
  • Single-family residential investment property - Rentals and Flips
  • and much more...
Who is the Author?

Your author, Malcolm Turner, has been a commercial loan broker and lender in the CRE finance industry for 16 years and has financed millions of dollars of commercial real estate. He is a sought-after speaker for the real estate and lending industry.

What makes this book unique?

“Financing the Unbankable Deal” is the definitive guide on commercial bridge financing and the opportunities it provides.

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